The King Will Return

ouvir : conectando
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They were attacked by surprise
in the middle of the night
They didn't stand a single chance
A single chance to fight
After the battle they gathered around the king
they had never seen that man so sad

"I'm riding out to get those men
who hurt my people bad, so bad"

The king will return with gold in his hand
The castle will burn in the enemy land
And he will save our people

When two springs had passed
a messanger came down the track
He said that he heard a great news
"The king is coming back"
All the time he was gone
They suffered bad in misery
They didn't know they way

Everyone was shouting
"Save our kingdom now"

They suffered bad in pain
The time he was away
But maybe now they could survive
Now they could survive

When the king came down the hill
To his people and his land
There were many tears
that touched the ground
They marched in the sand
Yes, now they could start all over again
And live in peace throughout time

Everyone was shouting
when the king came down the hill

The king is returning with gold in his hand
The castle is burning
in the enemy land
the king is....

Gravadora: Epic
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