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If Inside These Walls Was A House


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Come and rest your head here peacefully
All of us are safe until the sun starts rising
The walls are strong
Time to rejoin our strength to defeat them leading to our victory

Raindrops dancing over heavy hearts
The fire in the eyes of death hides in the corner
Glowing lights brush off all the fright
Our dreams navigate us in our search of liberty

Restless memories keep hunting us
It is time to cast the storm that lives within you
The great divide, fortune's on our side
Designing a plan to raise the monsters' atrophy

Avenge the soul that's watching over us
Listen to the voice that guides us on our way
I see the light in your eyes shining brighter tonight
Unbroken chains sustained with agony shall be the triumph of a world
That's living in the flames

Slaughter glorified
Bleeding hands are tied
Rivalry untold
Battles to behold
Standing up to murdering machines
We pave the way to our victory

Oceans' plenty flames
Voyagers untamed
Beating hearts of fear
Warfare drawing near
Endless source of our misery
Deliver us from the madness

Dive into the waves be free
Defeating our tragedy
The future's bright and you will see
We'll still be here in the morning
We won't bow down won't abide
The law they live by won't destroy our lives

We are wandering on this lonely road ahead
Leaving fear behind as long as you're on my side
Turn the key and come with me
The sentience within us liberates our frame of mind

Dreams navigate us in our search of liberty

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Gravadora: Nuclear Blast
Faixa: 1

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