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I've been lost in fear and loathing on a bathroom tile floor
Holding fistfuls of my blood, barely together
And for a moment it had seemed like to die is just a dream
And to live after tonight would be a nightmare
And in the mirror I could see an older man stare back at me
With drinks and crushed up pills like some failed science
He seemed to say without a voice that his future was a choice
And the truth will all at once become apparent

Won't you be the liberator to this overactive brain?
Because I've been struggling to feel out what these thoughts mean
I'm a stumbling narcoleptic, fingers grasped to hearts of glass
And in a bed of shards I'll fall right in to good dreams

Where life would stand so still
And for a moment we are free
Restless souls flown from the sea
One day I will
Steal the traction from the ether
Walk right into everything I want to be

And when my bones are laid into the ground someday
I hope to hell I had the guts to tell you everything
And when my bones are laid into the ground someday
I hope to hell that you and I'd seen everything

Because I've been lovesick lost and lonely on the wrong side of the world
In a decade strong of suffering and silence
And when the world paints me a cynic, I guess that's just what I'll be
Because there's no greater hope left in this idle city

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Gravadora: Red Scare
Faixa: 5

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