Eartha Kitt

Champagne Taste

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Do you want to take me cruising on an ocean liner to places I looooooong to see...

Well, with my champagne taste and your beer bottle pockets, don't forget to write me when you get there in your row-boat when you've paddled across the sea without me.

Do you see us dining on caviar and pheasant with decedents of royalty.
Well with my champagne taste and your beer bottle pockets, I'll be having pheasant while you're dining with the peasants dunking donuts in a diner without me.

You said you have ambition to make my dream come true, well brother you just keep right on wishing and all of my dreams will come true… without you.

Do you see me in a Jaguar with all the accessories and one of those accessories is YOU? Well with my champagne taste and your beer bottle pockets, take back your Jaguar accessories etcetera and drive back to your dreamland without me.

And if I wanted diamonds you'd offer me breakfast at tiffanies and luncheons at Cartier's you'd recommend. Well with my champagne taste and your beer bottle pockets you will have to work-on something better than a zircon because your diamonds is this girl's worst friend.

You said you'd promise me anything to make my life a feasssssssst. You didn't give me anything, not even Arpege you beast!

And it wouldn't surprise me if a lady like Godiva had someone like you to give her the stole.

For with her champagne taste and your beer bottle pocket when she couldn't get those dresses she just let down all her tresses and forgot she was a lady after all.

So if you want me to become apart of your permanent employ, before my champagne fizzles come up with the real McCoy. Show me you can separate the MAN from the BOY and bring me a constant life of champagne taste.

In Person At The Plaza
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