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You Know, You Know


ouvir : conectando
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You know you know
You know you know...

Uh, you know you know how the story goes,
You done jock my style, you done stole my flow,
You done seen me out, you gets no hello,
And you wonder why? Man you know you know,
Yeah and you should let them boys know too,
Show them n-ggas every single thing I showed you,
Im here feeling like 50 back in ’02,
And everybody sayin im the man (big mike), so true,
Yeah but what does it take to feel secure?
A place with wooden floors and space to put awards,
A couple of parking spots and maids to do the chores,
The cars you always wanted, the women that you adore,
Well I got it, I got it,
I wonder if id be happy without it, I doubt it,
I try not to really think about it,
I made it but im still playin like
Im bein scouted til im outted,
Game top bitch, I hope youre proud of us,
King james sh-t watch me throw the powder up,
This old g got my whole suite cloudin up,
But I bet you I be out of time before im out of luck,
They aint routin for me, they aint clappin for me,
Im only sayin can somebody just be happy for me,
I really hate to say I told you so,
So I bite my tongue but you know you know...

Uhh, please make your long story shorter,
This time is for the essence
For the king of first quarter,
Numbers do the talkin
I have nothing for reporters,
I just hope we make these flights
And don’t get held up at the border,
Yeah so you can spare me all the accolades,
Im the reason you can find
My city on an atlas page,
Half a million dollars later and my taxes paid,
And im still spendin money from my actin days,
Damn, life is such a lovely thing,
Feel the perks that a 7 digit budget bring,
Tell your girlfriend that
I can pull some f-ckin strings,
So were courtside when lebron get a fuckin ring,
Yeah, I bet I be there I be there,
You see that ’62 sittin outside? Thats me there,
Im jumpin to the top its my leap year, prepare,
Putting in that overtime I never said it be fair,
Im always left wishin I could have done it in person,
My apologies to all of the ones I was hurtin,
I got new girls but none of
They love is for certain,
And call old girls but none of
They numbers are workin,
Damn what happened to us?
Life can always change, you have to adjust,
How come when I got a party
You stare at me in disgust?
If it is just to have fun you
Should see that as a plus,
Especially when I come flyin through the door
And kindly ignore the paparazzi
Outside and tryin to record,
Why has every woman never dined her before?
Am I the only 23 year old wine connoisseur?
The Rothschild’s, the Cru's,
The Caias and the Opuses
Its always nice when youre
Out with someone that notices,
My condo got that art gallery openness,
Im just really hopin that that
Isn’t what the motive is,
They aint routin for me,
They aint clappin for me,
Im only sayin can somebody
Just be happy for me,
I really hate to say I told you so,
So I bite my tongue but you know you know...

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