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I'm Going In (feat. Lil Wayne)


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Lil wayne:
Ummmm uh-huh
Hello motherfucker hey hi how you dering its weezy f baby come to take a shit and urine on these toilet bowl bitches pussy ass niggas stompin on this beat like a motherfucking sigma
Bad to the brisle hat to the rizzle im so official all i need is a whistle bitch named crystal let her suck my pistol she opened up her mouth and then i blow her brains out you aint met a nigga like me you probably never will riders rolling with me like 11 wheels find out where you living kill you in the kitchen the feds trying to clip us but we aint even tripping

Im going in(x4)
And ima go hard (x4)
Bitch im going in(x4)
And ima go hard (x4)

First off you know what it is if you heard drake making hoes wobble like a bridge in a earthquake never see me out cuz i live in my workplace i get you the business so button up your shirt straight look at where i landed you would think i planned it im just doing me and you could never understand it chicks get hammered big dick bandit money flowing like a slit wrist no bandage blowin purple clouds nigga im so sky high i aint cutting anybody slices out of my pie out of this world tho im so
Sci-fi and i don't sit still i keep it moving like a drive-by i just tell the truth so im cool in their hood spot 21 years and i aint never met a good cop
Me and wayne lean like kareem doing hookshots cover me i'm going in and fuck it when the beat drop

Im going in (x4)
And ima go hard (x4)
Bitch im going in (x4)
And ima go hard (x4)

Truth feelin like freshman who already who already need a letter man, late night with ya girl? fuck a boy she spendin out one more with a better man, no my money strech like i got rubber bands? nah, ain't gunna loose a bone in me baby, number one to the top with a rocket like grady, bitch call me truth others call her old lady, barbra car her name shes a pussy you crazy? yeah i'm back next swing call me tiger woods, fresh center hollywood, young still in hood, never left the hood

Im going in (x4)
And ima go hard (x4)
Bitch im going in (x4)
And ima go hard (x4)

compositores: Christopher Drake

Gravadora: Cash Money, Young Money
Faixa: 5

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