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Wat Pomp (Feat. Jack Parow)

Die Antwoord

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Yo yo yo yo-landi Visser
Twee duisend nege
Die fokken antwoord (The ******* answer)

Wat pomp julle?(What are you pumping?)

Fresh futuristig
Me Im a misfit, drink my 5 roses tea with a biscuit
Im shweet and Im twisted, like a koeksuster
Im rustig ekse, o, we go ballistig, you cant **** with this ****
Its dark and its different, pay attention or be like **** it I missed it
Yu, maar sys giftig, oo jussie is dit?
Staan terug boetie, cause I spoeg when I spit ****.
Im Misfit, my numbers unlisted
Yo **** the system, I own my own system.
Poes, I wont listen, my tricky dicky lietjie blows systems.
You can hear me coming from the distance.

Mense versigtig, I get up to mischief
Jou fokken mif dik lip op 'n tik klip
My style is poison, its a freak pak of gom.
Giftige cherrie up on page 3 van Die Son.

Wat pomp julle

Me and my super fast
We come to
Make you feel strange when the mics on
Ok, this is my song

fok jou ek dink jys n poes!
Wat jou vir n poes want jy klink soos n poes!
Jy rap soos n poes en jy sing soos n poes.
Hou my neus vas want jy stink soos n poes
Alright lemme speak yo, all up in this freak show.
Ok, check out my skill, think ****** quickly (or geen fokken clue nie, can't decide)
Like my name was Nigel.

Moenie vir my flippen tune nie, ek gaan vir my ma se.
K, toemaar los dit, if it doesnt fit, force it, thats my motto.
I'm not weird, you're weird
I rap like a sore thumb, whats up with you brother
I fit right in, like my cock in your mother.
So dont tell me Ive got no fire
Im running on the spot and Im so tired
Hair getting blown back by my blowdryer
Jou Naaier, jou naaier (You ******, you ******)

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