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Joke In There Somewhere


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Each morning my beloved
Asks me to open up my eyes
See what kind of attention I can pay

I see a corporate coffeehouse
Putting up their Christmas decorations
Commuter cars all waiting at a light
The line outside the Roxy full of hopeful conversation
Some local band is playing there tonight

A couple walks their dog discussing what to eat for dinner
A runaway is being read his rights
A hotel hosts a conference called \"Investment for Beginners\"
Some high school coach is breaking up a fight

But there's a joke in there somewhere
A joke in there somewhere
A joke in there somewhere
One that I am not prepared to make

This afternoon my doctor had me sit down in a chair
He asked me then to walk him through my day

I heard radios bring ball games to an ancient glacial traffic
A starving dog was whimpering in pain
A sound check through the alley sounds like something close to magic
For a traveling dad that's bound to miss his plane

A boomer on a cellphone talking through party provisions
Beneath the giant bullseye neon sign
And I mention Dixie cups and pizza crusts and giant televisions
The allegory of the conga line

There's a joke in there somewhere
A joke in there somewhere
A joke in there somewhere
One that I just don't know how to tell

Now as the sun is setting, I meet my brother for a drink
And he asks if I got something on my mind

So I tell him 'bout this movie and how I didn't get the ending
Why do they let the creature get away?
He reminds me that all it is, is costumes and pretending
But there must be something else they're trying to say

About these buildings and the asphalt and the natural habitations
The pigeons, cats and rats and parasites
This wild and dancing city conducting perfect orchestrations
The way a stranger wishes us good night

But he says \"Every time we've sat here getting nervous for the future
We've ended up some version of okay
These songs that we are singing shouldn't give in to the rumors
They should give some kind of strength to meet the day\"

But there's a joke in there somewhere
A joke in there somewhere
A joke in there somewhere
We just gotta find a way to laugh
We just gotta find a way to laugh

compositores: Taylor Goldsmith

Enviada por 28091997


Gravadora: Rounder
Faixa: 5

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