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Purple Pills


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I've take a couple lovers
I down a couple downers
But nothing compares
To these blue and yellow purple pills
I been to mushroom mountain
Once or twice but who's countin'
But nothing compares
To these blue and yellow purple pills[Eminem]
Cool, calm, just like my mom
With a couple oflaw suits inside her palm
It's Mr. Mischief with a trick up his sleeve
Who crawl up on you like Christopher Reeves
I can't describe the vibe I get
When I drive by 6 people
And 5 I hit
Ah shit
I started a mosh pit
Squashed a chic
And lost her foster kids
this room makes me hallucinate
Then I sweat till I start losing weight
Till I see dumb shit start happenin'
remember Vanilla Ice tryin to rap again
So bounce, bounce, c'mon bounce
I said c'mon bounce
Everybody in the house doin' mass amounts
to the women in the thongs with the asses out
better ask around d12 throws the bonmbest bash in town

Bizarre, your mom is crashing out
help me get her on the couch before she passes out

[Kon Artist & Kuniva]
Fuck that, someone help Denon
he's upstairs wrestling with elton john
Hey Von
You see me stepping on these leprechauns?
It gotta be cool to act like segaul
Ya I took a mindol with some parmesian
And I think my arm is gone
It's probably numb
Young, dumb, and full of cum
And I think he 'bout to swallow his tongue
Scary ass it was a false alarm
You think I'm 'bout to die when I just got on
So stop acting stupid
You so high
That you might wake up with a guy
On some new shit
I think I did too much
I think i got the runs
wallies piptols and tons white child here come


Dirty Dozen
80 of us
Shady brothers
Ladies love us
That's why our baby mothers
Love us but they hate each other
They probably wanna take each other out
And date each other
Some-, something, something, something
Something, something, something, something

Pop pills
Pills I pop
Pop two pills
On stage I walk
Snort two lines that were filled with chalk
Thought it was Incredible I killed the Hulk
I wanna roll away
Like a rollerblade
Until my eyes roll back and i scar for days
And when I'm old and gray
Look for coke to smoke
When I pack up my nose with coke
*cough cough cough*
Am I supposed to choke?
Had an accident when the Trojan broke
Ahh, poor baby
Born by whore lady
Now I gotta straight born *infant*
(You're crazy!)

I pop four steps at one time
And I don't need water when I'm swallowing mine
(You got any room?)
in Bizarre's hatch back
I can't get job
Cuz her mom's so trashed
Why the hell you niggas think I rap?
cause my momma taught me to preach contract
If you like smack
Then I might too
(Swift, chill)
I'n just tryin to get by like you
And I don't give a damn if they white or blue
i'm being cruel the hell wit you too
Even smoke weed outta vacuums
I just got some and I'm going back soon


I'm at rave
Looking like a slave
High off chronic
Gin and tonic demonic
Body smelt like vomit
Pussy poppin', ass is droppin', dope-headed guy
whipped cream dirty mattresses waana try
Blue pills, golden seals
Got Bizarre actin' ill
Drugs kill (Yeah, right)
Bitch I'm for real
Shut your mouth you dirty bitch
You know you want it in your but
I'll put it in your cunt
Let Bizarre nutt



capa do álbum Devils Night de D12

Gravadora: Shady Records
Faixa: 10

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