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My being takes the helm here before me
Transfers into light and it gives me
an inner sight and affords me
every single nerve to serve and inform thee
Altars of myself a deviation
The benefit of their annihilation
The chaos engulfs the ether
A mantra of trust, a true believer

This morning I can see
the sailing souls yearn for peaceful seas
You are one of us (x3)

Resign yourself from all the fear and madness
Disbelieve the lie of death and sadness
Once you're gone, you're gone to the hereafter
Embrace the joy and the laughter
Altars to myself, an aberration
A benefit of my imagination
A wish, a fever, or is it a vision
Maybe illusion or a derision

Rest your mystic ways
Do we not share an inner peace
Without justice, without justice, there is just us

The line was crossed
A way was lost,
but now is found
Break the fallow ground (x3)

I am Alpha and Omega
I'm the first and last
Creation story without glory
The present and the past
I am human, I am being
No longer in the caste
The nightmare's over, I am closer
The breaking of the fast
Who is evil incarnate who mines the substrate

From a prisoner to a prophet
As a prophet I return
To be scorned, shunned and shut out
I welcome the burn
I said wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Can't you see it
Come on! Come on! Come on
Don't deny it
Grow out! Grow out! Grow out
Grow outside of it
It's here! It's here! It's here
Everywhere you'll find it

See the ones who bowed to me
They can be relieved if they would only see
See the ones who bowed to me
They can be set free if they wish to be

This I created, a fantastic maze
A hallowed haloed dayglow masquerade
In a moment of unknowing daze
A misguided collided inner craze
Sweet Septembers, joyous harvest rituals
Cold Decembers beholden to the fold
Forgotten memories of the sages and the tribe
Still all became victims of the paradigm
Victims of the paradigm (x2)
The journey to the sacred is to walk a path of pain
If you take the easy road, my friend, then what is there left to gain
The lack of passion is the lack of the divine
To seek out death is to find the devil in the design
The devil in the design (x2)
Maybe all that is ever
is the choice of love or fear
Forgiveness is not weakness
Strength is when a grace is near

We have won
We are one (x2)
It was me
It was always me(x2)

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