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A Most Trivial Pursuit


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Time, it brings us down
It hardens and it cracks us
Gravity weighs us down
We are slaves to the ages
It feasts on you and it feasts on me
Each of us just a book of yellowing pages

An apparition of what could be comes to him from the line
And hands to him a key of silver shine
The glow reflected on his face catches the eyes
Of the mindless multitudes marching
They break rank and pursue the tribe

The gilded guild breaks the stillness and leaps into the fray
The tribe runs for cover and are swept up in the melee
Wave after wave, the natives who defied nation or name
Lie down prone - Fear is shown - The passion of slaves
The time drips down - Death reaps with sickle and scythe
As the tribe is led away tightly tied
He falls to his knees and begins to pray and lets out a sigh
Please Gods, please help me
If I imagine a place, so may it be

Now I'm at the door
I feel as if I’ve been here before
Angels sin for me
If beyond lies the answer, I hold the key

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