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Valuable Lessons


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[Verse 1: Cormega]
Love you questioning
Hate is evident
People who never voted betray you for dead presidents
Some wear two faces: friend and enemy
And gain nothing ‘cause they don’t deserve anything
I risk my life for niggas who didn’t write or visit
During my time in prison I realized my friendship
Isn’t what I envisioned
And I’m tired of giving
With no reciprocation, thankfully times are different
I pray for friends I’ve lost
Grateful to find religion, in my life
Keeping it real is making right decisions
Loyalty has its toll it costs nothing to mind your business
You can add this to the list of deepest lines I’ve written
I guess my higher vision comes from knowing sky’s the limit
And I acquired wisdom from trying from failure
Money can come and go but valuable lessons
Are never bad investments and they last forever

All these lessons that I’ve learned only mean one thing
I just want to live my life
Never make the same mistake
Promise I’m going to make it right

[Verse 2: Cormega]
Emphatically my blood circulates conscious
My family is blood that circulates gossip
My sister calls my cousin
My cousin calls his mom but
Nobody calls me and I’m the topic
Similar to what my aunt did to my father
Was consumed by drugs while she consumed vodka
I ain’t feeling that
Hypocritical, judgmental bullshit
The pot calling the kettle black
So simmer down; one thing I never lack
Is food for thought – I just faxed
The main course, crabs want to pull you back
When you make it out because they lack
Potential to rise
It’s clear to see the root of evil has affected my family tree
Can’t bloom
Resentment and greed
Are so deep my grandmother was victim of thieves
Of her own kin
Though we all sin
I call it how I see it; that’s some cold shit
I forgive but I won’t forget
Siblings acting funny over money; I don’t owe you shit


[Verse 3: Cormega]
We loved hard and fought harder
If we fought as hard for love, we’d be much stronger
You want to argue ‘bout what I didn’t do
Yet ignore what I did
When you accuse me of cheating it was only your guilt
Manifesting itself as a result
You’d rather hate me than be mad at yourself
Now you free; we no longer trapped in lies
You never find happiness until you happy inside
We’ve been up, we’ve been down
We laughed and we cried
But through it all I showed you I’m a provider
Now you taking me to court saying you need support
For your living expenses
Really? How is this?
You get advice from women who senseless
With no life so they want to get in my business
Ignorance can’t match infinite wisdom
It’s supreme over weak schemes and hidden agendas



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