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Outshine Me

Colt Ford

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I got a copper still hand built up in the hills
Fill it up with corn mash, heat it up, and chill
White liquor hits you quicker; knock you off your feet
Lay down your mason jars, you can't outshine me

I'mma put it out here; let me tell ya something,
What d'y'all think my still be pumpin?
90 proof; spit the truth
Stop telling everybody you can do what I do.
So if you can, you better get like me;
Go sit down and write a hit like me.

From where I stand you ain't shoot to me;
Gotta sell a few mill outta your own still
I won't sugar coat it; burn your throat it
Kids aint scared.....
I'm Locked and loaded
Real is all me; they all can feel me
Dirt road disciple (da-steeple); man of the people
Mix it, churn it, light it, burn it
Daylight to dark; me and my folks earn it
Plow it, haul it, hunt it, shoot it, skin it, fry it,
That's how we do it.
Sip it, chug it, jar it, jug it;
Do it a little better than anyone does it.
Y'all are chasin' a thoroughbred
Y'all done got lapped I'm miles ahead
Too late to slow down; I'm a runaway train
Colt Ford; remember my name
Haters, Tweeters, bloggers, bashers;
Watch your mouth cause I run these pastures
Chorus 2x
I can't take this,
I wanna make this real clear;
What d'ya'll think I been doin' here?
Switchin' gears and changing lanes
Jackin' up trucks; running down Lames
Light that flame for America
Cross that line I'll bury ya;
Gotta shotgun that'll take care of ya
And a mudhole that' I'll bury ya

Gotta bunch of county folks all down to ride;
And a bunch of rednecks aint scared to fight.
I'mma give it to ya my way: dirt road, hi-way,
four wheel, Jack it up;talk sh*t; back it up.

Yall a trip and I'm out of your league
Sippin' shine and I'm hard to see
I'm something that you'll never be;
It's a pipe dream,You can't outshine me
Cause Im dura-coated; turbo charged
Everything about me is large

Yall are chasin a throuroughbred
Ya'll done got lapped im miles ahead
Too late to slow down I'm a runaway train
Colt Ford; remember my name
Haters, Tweeters, bloggers, bashers
Watch your mouth cause I run these pastures
Chorus 4x


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