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There is something falling from your fingertips
For every moment that you've seen, there's one you've missed
Are you alright? Are you still feeling dead?
I turned out the lights around, there's no difference

I hear every word, these walls are paper thin
In every person that you meet, they all need fixed
Do you wonder? Are you still feeling dead?
If I turned down this radio, I'd hear nothing

Do you wonder?

I have had your ears, a younger me loves it
I haven't been around this neighborhood in a few years
Do you feel good? Do you notice it?
There's a crowd in front of me, I just don't care
I hear a thousand people sing, I feel nothing

Do you wonder?

Won't you split me open?
Let me air out
I'm your old friend

There's a dull effort, purpose that you long for
There's a withered heart, something I can't ignore
Tangled in a string and then you're cut to the bone
All abandoning, you're a cancer that won't
There's a dawning heel, your first time at the core
There's a withered heart, something I can't ignore

I wiped this window clean, still can't see in
If I tuned out these people here, I'd hear the wind
If I force fed you this pill, would you notice?
If I tuned out your world for good, you'd have nothing

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