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Night falls while drunken angels
Sleep by the side of the road
And I'm nodding in a stairwell
Just trying to stay out of the cold

Circling around the drain
Can't find my way back to home
The road is long and never ends
Dark is the heart that wanders

Light breaks in through the window
Takes a minute to know where I am
A dying blackbird
Gives her soul to the wind
On the roof of the house
That I can see from the bed

Circling around the drain
Show me the way back home
The road is long It never ends
Dark is the heart that wanders

I'd crawl a hundred thousand miles
Just to see your two eyes look me over
I'd steal you flowers in the bloodshot light
Of the lonely hours on a moonless night

Just like a stray dog in the rain
I can run all night and get nowhere
I picture you out underneath the porch light
Calling my name all night
And waiting for me

I thought I heard your voice in the water
As I walked by a fountain uptown
Now I'm an orphaned at the door of church
Just watching the water come down

Circling around the drain
Hope that I make it home
I never felt so far away
Dark is the heart that wanders

Higher Truth
Gravadora: UMe Direct 2
Faixa: 11

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