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Feelings (feat. French Montana)


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Give a fuck about yo feelings (x4)
Who gives a fuck? (x3)
Give a fuck about yo feelings
Who gives a fuck?

All of them niggas complaining
Tell from the second I came in
I done been through mo shit
Po shit to the top, now I'm faded
I don't give a fuck where a nigga been
Where a nigga goin or what kind of shit he been through
Watch niggas ball, shit I couldn't score
I decided I bought a Benz too
Now a nigga fly by, fly jumpin out the drive rock
Haters see me when I hop out (what?)
When a nigga did his statement
Was the only time I copped out

I'm askin God questions, what we fightin for?
A nigga lost his name, what you cryin for?

Rock bottom, not going up
Fuck slowing up, I'm drinking
3 hoes, all 4 of us, I'm thinkin
Know some niggas at the bottom and they still in it
Ask yo self, nigga really?

Give a fuck about yo feelings (x4)
Who gives a fuck? (x3)
Give a fuck about yo feelings
Who gives a fuck?

I've been dangerous
Rolled up blazed with the engine up
Murder one homicide when it came to us
We came with the bail when it came with cuffs
Fame & drugs – it don't mix, like oil in the water
Feds on my door, I'm boiling the water
Need those chips, Michael in the fourth quarter
When you getting money fast life's getting shorter
Nigga hit yo head then nigga go and mop em
Nigga play Batman then you gon rob em
Lookin at my rap sheet, nigga won't argue
Niggas talk a rap beat, nigga no problem
Coming through my head, just my dogs with me
Pussy and the bread, keep em calling me
Money in the bag, nigga callin me
But you pussy ass cracks don't follow me
Now I'm talkin bout 500 daily on my day like
Them young niggas hit you when they like
Young nigga told that nigga
Niggas turn on you, damn they run
Hundred thousand with a cross in the middle
Playin both sides with a cross in the middle
Oh I'm extra, put a cross in the middle
But really

Give a fuck about yo feelings (x4)
Who gives a fuck? (x3)
Give a fuck about yo feelings
Who gives a fuck?


Gravadora: TRMG, Inc.
Faixa: 3

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