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All Said and Done (feat. Dej Loaf)

Chevy Woods

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[Chorus x2 - Dej Loaf:]
These are the niggas that I die for
Something go down I know they gong roll
Got new money and got new bi**hes too
But no room for new niggas, I don't know
Til it's all said and done
Til it's all said and done
Said and done
Said and done
Til it's all said and done

[Verse 1 - Chevy Woods:]
Uh, yeah, uh
I got a call from my dog doing fed time
Said he would have did it different from his past time
100 books and he ain't ever read a lick
He stressed out by his kids baby momma bi**h
Said he heard she bust it open just to pay the rent
The judge took him out the game now he play the bench
Damn, man the feds said he been the target
Cop a 2 chickens, all white across the market
Shit, these niggas foul they would leave their kids
Just to get you jammed up on the longer biz
And how I make it through to make it here
When the dopes start falling off every year
Yeah, and when you need friends they never there
That jealousy ain't no game, I got mellow gear
Uh, so I can't feed you off my plate homie
I tried to offer you change you looked the other way homie

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2 - Chevy Wood:]
Act the life you once it could be a problem
Be with the same shit that came from the botton, yeah
I'm still in pain from this bottle
For my niggas who was here but can't live for tomorrow
But you took all them shots when them boys slid beside ya
It's just business, never personal
I'm tryna end you, and this gon be the closed curtain flow
Always act like you got it but really hurting though
It ain't no game so why you laughing I just wanna know
Don't even act like you love me or something
And ain't no roof with the push of a button
All hood that's all in or nothing
That's just the way you gotta be when you stand up for something
If you ain't with it, don't jump in the fire
He talking crazy and he ain't wearing no wire

[Chorus x2]

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