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Loving County (Live)

Charlie Robison

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Well, I loved a girl she lived down in Pecos
Pretty as she could be
I worked the rigs on out in Odessa
To give her whatever she needs
But that girl she runs with an
old company bum
'Cause a diamond was not in her hand
But he left her soon 'neath the big
Loving moon
To go out and x-ray the land
Now I sit in my car
At the new rainbow bar downtown
And the frost on the windshield shines
toward the sky
Like a thousand tiny diamonds in the lights
of Loving County

I walked in that bar and I drank
myself crazy
Thinking about her and that man
When in walked a woman
Lookin' richer than sin and ten years worth
of work on her hand
Well, I followed her home and when she
was alone
I put my gun to her head
I don’t' recall what happened next at all
But now that rich woman she's dead

Now I drive down the highway
ten miles from
My sweet baby's arms
And the moon is so bright it don't
look like night
And the diamond how it sparkles in the
lights of Loving County

She opened that door and I knelt
on the floor
Then I put that ring in her hand
And she said I do
And she'd leave with me as soon to the rigs
Out in South Alabama
Well, I told her to hide that ring there inside
And wait till the timing was good
Then I drove on home and I was alone
When I thought that she understood

The next night an old friend
Just called me to wish us both well
Said he'd seen her downtown
sashayin' around
And her diamond how it sparkled in the
lights of Loving County

Well the sheriff he found
Me out wanderin' all around
El Paso the very next day
See I'd lost my mind on that
broken white line
Fore I ever reached Balmorhea
Now she's in Fort Worth and she's just
given birth
To the son of that oil company man
And they buried that sheriff's poor ol' dead wife
With the ring that I stole on her hand

Sometimes they let me look up at that
East Texas sky
And the rain on the pines oh Lord,
how it shines
Like my darlin' little diamond in the lights
of Loving County


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