Charlie Daniels

Money (Album Version)

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[Kardinal Offishall]
So I was like a-ight yo, can I get in to it
My crew down to do it, if she going to persue it
And before I even knew it, out she came
With the tight gold clip, and the dark brown frame

[Sean Paul]
?????????? possession the Money Jane
A see me forget-get
The first time we met me couldn't keep me eyes shut shut
She give me bling-bling, I bring me wooley poor a set set
When me check she thought had ear to get get

[Kardinal Offishall]
Yo, she one of them freaks that will relax your mind
'Til you get burnt out and you need the next dime
To reinvent the last time, when she got you that

[Sean Paul]
Licks in da Land Rover
Rolex 'pon me wirst, and a crisp pullover
Platinum chain and ring with ice all over
And the bus' out the suit with all them string ya

[Kardinal Offishall]
Hey hey
The only problem she won't keep it a secret
She buys nigga's ice, she pays my rent
She covers it with Mastercard and red cent
Monopoly is real life when you're fine
She the head of the game
Yo, my homegirl Money Jane

CHORUS [Jully Black]
I hope you witness the adventures of Miss Money Jane
Blind your ass, while you out looking for that money train
If you look then you will find, but think about what you looking for
[KO] 2-3
[JB] for
[KO] 2-3
[JB] for

[Kardinal Offishall]
Yo, me and MJ go back to the eigh-ties
She used to roll with my family to J-A
VA, SC and even GA
I used to spend her in Dectaur in the dai-ly
Visiting my aun-tie, we went world wide
She met every single girl I had, no lie
And then one of my ex-girls brought me to the side and said
M-Jane is tearing up my insides
Couldn't hear that, I need to run my life
I'm like the big King and she like my Queen wife
She done looks good in denim, better in leather
Just right in linen, and so fine in good weather
In the summertime, she on my ass
At the barbeques, buying me a drink without asking
When she with me, she be looking out for me simple and plain
My homegirl Money Jane


[Sean Paul]
She get around, she get around a lot
Alright check it out, she bust on the spot
She get around, she get around a lot
From Paris to New York, and she come back
She get around, she move around a lot
Alright check it out, she bust on the spot
She get around, she move around a lot
From Kingston JA, right up to T-dot
Upon the level, funny how we only know that
And a dull life, when she run out we love circles
Funny we run every where
But when it in the door, that time we return up on the rebel
Only buy the food from the FoodMart
Antagonist start, how do you know we live confortable
Only meant the gun them bust out
And people in New York how you done know someone?

[Kardinal Offishall]
Everybody needs her simple and plain
My homegirl Money Jane
I say again
Everybody needs her simple and plain
My homegirl Money Jane
My homegirl Money Jane


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