Charlie Daniels

Let Freedom Ring

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I've been to the top of the liberty and I've looked over the promised land
He had no fear of death or evil his skin was black and his name was King
He said I may not get there with you but put your faith in God and let freedom ring

There was a tyrant strong and mighty and he built his self a wall
He said this wall's gonna stand forever and no power on Earth is gonna make it fall
But then the winds of change they started blowing like a free bird on the wing
And then the wall fell down with a sound like thunder
Let the free bird fly and let freedom ring

(Let freedom ring)
Throughout the northland out across the frozen tundra
To the land of the midnight sun and the Eskimo
(Let freedom ring)
From Albuquerque across the sea to Greece and Turkey
And from Halifax down south to Mexico
(Let freedom ring)
From Carolina round the world to Indochina from Seattle to Mobile to Abilene
Let freedom ring well let it ring now let it ring let it ring let it ring

Innocent blood was shed for freedom in a faraway place called Tiennemen Square
Cause the heavy hand of cruel oppression is so much more than a man can bear
But you can't chain a man forever and your guns they don't mean a thing
Cause they'll rise again in the cause of justice
Give the power to the people and let freedom ring

(Let freedom ring)
From Minnesota across the plains to North Dakota
And from Kennebunkport out to Kalamazoo
(Let freedom ring)
From Rome to Reno and from Tokyo to Moscow
And from Barcelona Spain to Katmandu
(Let freedom ring)
From Madagascar and from Berlin to Alaska
And from Liverpool to Perth to Aberdeen
Yeah let it ring I said let it ring let it ring let it ring let it ring

Let's give thanks to God our Father the author of our liberty
Gave us this land to protect and cherish
It's the home of the brave and the land of the free
Oh America we love you sweet land of hope of Thee we sing
And with our lifeblood we will protect you Let the eagle fly and let freedom ring
Let freedom ring let freedom ring let freedom ring
Let it ring let it ring Let it ring let it ring Let freedom ring

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