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Cane Hill

Lord of Flies

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Am I cursed, or did I do this to myself?
Circling around and around like a Saint that never closes its eyes, you deny
With your hands held tight you avoided the light

I drank from the cup of eternal disease,
I once was a blind man but now I can see

I should have known you were the lord of flies
Looking for heaven in the Devils eyes
Guiding the stars to pave my own demise
I should have known you were the lord of flies

You're the worst, but I can see you in myself
Broken but enough is enough
Just a wretch that never opens its eyes you deny
With a voice so loud permeating the night

I'll never forgive
No, I'll never concede
The worst that you've done's still got nothin on me

I should've known you fill my head with lies
I was looking for heaven in the Devils eyes

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