Buju Banton

Buju Banton

Mama Africa

ouvir : conectando
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You see all dem people whey you see over deh so
Don't pay dem nuh mind
Dem is just one set a people who have nothing to do
With the development and upliftment of I and I as a race
But watch this
Well it's Anthony B, Buju Banton and Garnett Silk
Mama Africa, Mama Africa

Hello Mama Africa
How are you?
I'm feeling find
And I hope you're fine too
Hello Mama Africa
How are you?
I hope when you hear these words
Your grays turn blue, grays turn blue

Verse 1-
I will break these chains
Of their subhuman bondage
Scatter all the remains
With negative thoughts in diverse places
Posses the state of mind to declare anytime
Say Mama Africa a yours and mine
Own a continent no island never deh pon mi mind
This was well-orchestrated plan from long time
Soon I shall be home and everything will be fine
When you see the lion running wild know that is a sign
Of an ancient order royal and divine
With all the natural resource to satisfy mankind


Verse 2-
Who say so?
Marcus Mosiah
Listen Mr. B
Marcus tell I
Black starliner gonna carry us home
I know it's true
What will you do you don't wanna be left alone
I've been waiting watching from the distant shore
At every passing vessel my teardrops flow
Could it be in my direction it goes
Beaulah land beckons trod home trod home


Verse 3-
The sweetest things are there to be found
The golden sunshine
The wind blows around
The fresh vegetation which comes from the earth
Oh Mama Africa you make me know what life is worth


Friends For Life
Gravadora: VP Records
Faixa: 8

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