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Let Em' Know

Bryson Tiller

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Right now
You are now tuned in
Pen Griffey
I'm still going in
"Who is he"
Muthafucka' I'm him

I'm coming back for good
So let them niggas know it's mine
I already got someone is what you tell 'em every time
That shit ain't up for grabs
Where you at on the map
I come to where you at
Fuck around and end up your last
I won't hold back
I won't hold back, this time
I won't hold back, I won't hold back

[Verse 1]
It's about time I do it
It's about time I say this shit
Spent a lot of time on the waiting list
Roll up the doja then blaze that shit
Who gonna give you loving insane as this
A-game girl, I bring that shit
I know you want the same last name as him
Him being Tiller he a solid young nigga, he been real ever since
I know you been tense
I know we ain't had a conversation in a minute
But you know what they say
If it ain't broken then don't fix it, it's clearly not broken
It's just so unfinished
I feel like my new bitch was just your apprentice
And we just got into it, here comes the ending
You said this shit would happen girl, that was your prediction
Said I'll never find no one like you and I should of listened
Who you fucking with now is that any of my business
Whoever it is may not be finished


I hope you still feel the same way
Don't say the same shit to me you'll never change

[Verse 2]
Oh yeah
I said it once, girl you so fine
Can we do it like old times or nah, so fly
Oh why, didn't you
Tell me get my shit together and think it through
A nigga just been sitting here not knowing what to do
Thinking shit like who's out there fucking you
And who's keeping you comfortable

She gon' give me a second chance or nah?
Did I make you fall in love again or nah?
Fuck them other niggas you're mine
Hey baby

I'm so different
Nothing like them other niggas
Nothing like them other niggas
Nothing like them other niggas
You're so different
Nothing like them other bitches
Nothing like them other bitches
Nothing like them other bitches
Coming back for good so let them...
Niggas know it's mine...
Someone is what you tell 'em...
Every time
Every time
Every time...


Gravadora: TrapSoul/RCA Records
Faixa: 2

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