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Just Married

Bruce Robison

ouvir : conectando
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She walked down the aisle in her satin and veil
My heart was beatin' like an old church bell
The preacher man asked her anf she said "I do"
My knees went week and I said "I do too"
The world stood still and I could see my life
I looked into her eyes

When we were just married
We wished upon a star
It was painted on the window in the back of my car
We had no worries we had no doubts
We would fold like an umbrella when the lights went out
Never been a love so true just married to you

Well the rain will fall and the wind will blow
Dreams they come and the dreams they go
Livin' lays heavy and the heavenly grind
Through all work and worry and the tides that bind
I'm feel the chill of the early fall
I see the picture on the wall

When we were just married
We held on tight
Thinkin' everything would somehow be all right
We had no money we had no land
We would wake in the mornin' do the best we can
Remember when love was new just married to you

But now I close my eyes in the deep dark past
Hold you close and we lie in the grass
Knew that nothing could never ever tear us apart
I found the girl with one true heart
They say everything changes with no one to blame
But the more things change the more I stay the same
And everything about me she loved before
Is the same damn thing she can't stand no more
When my friends ask how I am today
I just smile and say

It's like when we were just married
We hold on tight, turn up the flame and turn down the light
Livin' on nothin' livin' on love
Countin' our blessings in the stars above
Never been a love so true
Just married to you
That's all we are
Sweet memory inside my heart
We've been through heaven we've been through hell
Ain't been nowhere but it's just as well
Never been a love so true

Just married to you


Gravadora: Columbia/Nashville/Lucky Dog
Faixa: 2

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