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What I gotta do?
Keep it real with you
Stuck inside my truth
Spendin' all my loot
Diamond on my tooth
R.I.P. my brother Luk
When I spit, let it hit, hit a double U
Couple rainbows, my lil' halo
Think it's J-Lo, bro don't say so
Homie don't play, no
Takin' my day slow
Takin' my ray, throw
Talkin' to angels
Speedin' a pave' though
Changin' a page though
Lookin' like ace, talkin' 'bout spade, you are afraid though
Spendin' my queso
All on some fake clothes
When I change, never say, this is my blaze throat
South Central
All my homies know
If I could go, I would just wait though

Anyways, gotta go, disregard what I say
Grain of salt, sprinkle some over the shoulder, ayy
Lucky Strike, filterless, don't push me, 'kay?
Sensitive, abrasive, stab you in the face
Keep a blade, heaven sakes, had to raise the stakes
Dracula, in a cave, a bit lonely, mane
Grab a stake, have a cape, it don't work no more
Fly away, different ways, hit the liquor store
Better days, follow me like the saddest song
Grab a case, hideaway, fill my loads with bleach
Couple stains ain't a game, they both hauntin' me
Lot to say, people hate, wearin' blindfolds
Now where did I go? Where do we go?
How do we grow? How should I know?
Feel responsible, intolerable, displaced (Uh-huh), insane

Piss 'em off, piss 'em off, piss 'em off
Shit, I better set it off
I just made a deposit, CDG in my closets
Fuel ain't really made of fossils
Dirt on me, I'm finna blossom
Spying on your ho from a SpaceX rocket
She wanna know why my wrist so rocky
Flash splash on me, photocopy
My weed, my weed at the party
Shoot me a sheriff for Trayvon Martin
King, Ali, and Bobby Marley
Dirt on me, I'm finna blossom
Dirt on me, I'm finna blossom
You know

I wish you'd love me for life
Love me for life, love me for life, wish you would lie
I wish you'd love me for life
Love me for life, love me for life, I will
Love, love me for, yeah
Love me, love me for life
Love, love me for life
Love, love me for life
Love, love me for
Love, love me for life
Love, love you for
Love you for

Gravadora: Question Everything/RCA Records
Faixa: 11

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