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Brett Eldredge

Phone Call to God

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On the back of a quarter
I found on the floorboard it’s stamped in silver that
I should trust her so I gather all the courage that
I could muster and I drop it in the slot here
I am just a man making a phone call to god

With a sound of your voice burning up the lines
I wonder if you’ll answer all the wonders why


Will I find my place and piece of mind will
I get it back if I give you time

Oh maybe it’s just better I don’t know how it’s gonna end or how it’s gonna go

Regrets and mistakes and all the hearts that
I did break will I ever get to see my grandmas face
with all the hell That i have raised
I know she’s up there shakin her head and saying a prayer am
I breaking up or am I clear when I hang up do you just disappear

Could you hand up the phone to my uncle joe and tell me f the streets
are really paved with gold


With both sets of knees down to the end how do you choose
who’s gonna lose and win I’m good at talking maybe
I should be listening oh is this real or is this just a dream


Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah

Sometimes it feels just like the whole worlds bleeding
hear my own belief and keep those angels singing

Hallelujah hallelujah

I read every word you said every word written in red
come on heal my broken heart making a phone call to god


You got the whole world in your hands


Can you hear my prayer? Making a phone call..

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