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When some get together and think of rap, they tend to think ofviolence
But when they are challenged on some rock group, the result isalways silence
Even before the rock and roll era, violence played a big part inmusic
It's all according to your meaning of violence and how or inwhich way you use it
No, it's not violent to show in movies the destruction of thehuman body
But yes, of course it's violent to protect yourself at a party
And, oh no, it's not violent when under the christmas tree is alook-alike gun
But, yes, of course it's violent to have an album like KRS-One
By all means necessary, it's time to end the hypocrisy
What I call violence, I can't do , but your kind of violence isstopping me
By all means necessary, the rap audience must grow up
The same type of fightin' we do, they do except we've got nothingto blow up
It doesn`t matter if you win or lose, it's only how good you playthe game
This is the oldest sneak attack, because it takes away our sensesto gain
If all I do is play the game then I am just mediocre
We strive to be the best we can be, not to just get over
Some people say that life on a whole is serious and nothing isfunny
That's only if you base your life around competition and money
Yeah, I'm making some money, he's making some money, but none ofthese things are necessities
What I find to be a necessity is controlling a positive destiny
With this, money, fame, glory and credit will come in time
The people down with me know this every minute they hear me sayinrhymes
I got some friends, I got some allies like Stet, and Big DaddyKane
They know that by all means necessary that peace is the name ofthis game
Whether peace by war, or peace by peace, the reality of peace isscary
But we must get there, one way or another, by all meansnecessary.


Gravadora: Jive
Faixa: 10

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