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Bomb The Bass

ouvir : conectando
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This is a dance tune, get up and drop to it
Do the Biz Markie, boogie or rock to it
There ain't nothin' that you can't do, so
Go slam your door and turn up your radio
... you get hot, this song drives
Street through the speaker, brings you alive
Any dance music, that's good, we use it
Put it through our sampler, then we confuse it
Megablast is a rhythmical move
Aggravated by the ... and a rude def groove
Hardcore B-boy, rhyme around and over a tune
If you hear the force of megablast invadin' your bedroom
You'll be amazed as it blares through your window
Tune is megablastin' to the sound of the ghetto
Bring along a drink if you begin to ...
Consideration to the music, then it ...
Sucker, your best move, this music don't soothe
Usin' a mixer, you're bringin' the rare groove
Non stop energy, that's the true goal
... and in come the ghetto
This beats for all, we gave you a chance
And now I'm givin' you an order, boy, dance
Any def track we like, we use it
Bring together our ideas to make music
Music with an energy, beats that stick
So put on the dancing shoes, brush on the lipstick
We're gonna jam to the highest class
What's the name of the jam? It's a megablast
It's a megablast

Bam goes the tune, gotta increase the volume
Speaker getting weaker, everybody gotta consume
Lyrical content with musical intent
That, another brother said, the word cannot invent
Percussion and rhyme will fit in accord
Original computer, controlled through the keyboard
Song may change, this groove, and not knowin'
You might stop while the beat's still goin'
On until the break of dawn, mega is blarin' it
And when the tune's gone, you're still hearin' it
Deep inside your brain megablast will remain
Causin' you to dance, never, ever too afraid
>From bein' a dancer, 'cause dance, you have to
Man, you're a freak, no longer a statue
Rockin' in the nightclub, spinnin' in a disco
Playin' in the bathtub, bustin' in the ghetto
Brand new style, let it rock you
You say don't wanna dance, but you got to
Slave to the rhythm on the dancefloor, get
And don't stop 'til you're pushin' sweat
'Cause I do believe that if you play a def groove
It's guaranteed to make your party move
So I roll the rhyme slowly at my own pace
Hit the studio with Bomb The Bass

Locked in a sound room, facin' a microphone
Waitin' for the volume to bust through the headphones
Said they need a funky sound, so I brought it
And as that sound comes through, they record it
Pressin' the next beat, ...
A vibe be the flame, the lyrics are burning
Let us advance, blow the amplifier
Bomb The Bass with the new rap messiah
Merlin's exciting, thunder and lightning
Beats are for music and rhymes are for writing
I am a slave, a prisoner, a captor too
Megablast sends a burst through the chapter
Dance, boy, and you better dance fast
M. E. G. A. Blast
M. E. G. A. Blast
Children wore energy on the streets
Beats from old and past
Combine together to make this beat
Anything that moves, it does, then you do it
When you feel a different vibe, then pursue it
Top class, rhyme fast, ...
Face the bass, homeboy, it's a megablast

Last paragraph that's cold, get busy
Hold on tight, don't stop 'til you're dizzy
Ladies dance, homeboys bust it
Any other dance track played, cuss it
'Cause it's the melody, better beware
Dance track of the year, it's a killer idea
Back, the rhyme get worse, a curse
Dance 'til you reach your peak, then burst
Like a balloon, transformin' the room
Into a live hot jam, boy, and soon
As the mic release me, finish rockin' hardcore
Rewind the record while I rock the dancefloor
Bass complements my voice
If the M was a car, I'd be a Rolls Royce
Gotta dance 'til the drop, and your legs are bending
Open your brain, for the record's ending
It may stop soon, but can you last, it's fast ...
Hey, yo, it's a megablast
It's a megablast
It's a megablast

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