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There And Back


ouvir : conectando
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I've just returned from a long round trip
Many tales I have to tell
Now I don't get high
so you think I'm not hip
But I've seen the gates of Hell
How can a youth rise above all the shit
When surrounded
by such lousy influence?
He clutched the pipe, took his last hit
And nobody's heard from him since

In this world of confusion
Drugs were my solution
The pain was breaking my heart
I shut out my reality
Nearing my fatality
found myself falling apart
Miserable, horrible, life such an obstacle
Making my own matters worse
To end up dead in a dark alleyway
Or to ride in the back of a hearse
To die for a cause like pride or respect
Or honor would make you quite worthy
A pitiful waste to live in the sewer
And die before you reach thirty

Cop a bag as a crutch
copping out, lose so much
hangin' out, dippin' butts
Lost my mind smoking dust
There and back
Back in the days I was living a lie
Too cool to show my feelings
too cool to cry
Lost in a fog and unsure of my friends
With a one way ticket
headed straight for the end
As the flames burnt the rope
and my spirit cut loose
I found my self wrapped
in an emotional noose
I said to myself continue no longer
Today I face the world with a mind
that is stronger
Spent my time gettin' nice
I crapped out rolling dice
Look at me and my scars
Now I live pure and hard
There and back


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