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Small Fry

Bing Crosby

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eah, yeah, break up that ripping now

Small fry, strutting by the pool room
Small fry, should be in the school room
My, my, put down that cigarette
You ain't a grown up high and mighty yet

Small fry, dancing for a penny
Small fry, counting up how many
My, my, now you just listen here to me
You ain't the biggest catfish in the sea

You practice pecking all day long
To some old radio song
(Oh, yes, I peck, oh, yes)

Now you better listen to your Pa
And someday practice upon the law
Then you'll be a real success
(Well, yes)

Small fry, now you kissed the neighbor's daughter
Small fry, a-get on back in, in the shallow water
Seems I should take you 'cross my knee
'Cause you ain't the biggest catfish in the sea

You got your feet all soaking wet
Lord, you'll be the death of me yet
Oh, me, oh my, small fry

You call me small fry
(Oh, you is most infinitesimal, too small for your britches)
You call me small fry
(Now, now, now you look at here, you're shorter than me
I wonder where my smoke is)

My, my, my, my, my
I never heard such cannon
(Be still, boy)
You better look in the closet, Ma
I'll bet the chillies are gone

Oh, small fry I saw you out there betting on those ponies
(Tall fry, you know that you picked all the ponies)
My, my, my, my, now, you just listen here to me now
(I know, I know, I know, I know
I ain't the biggest catfish in the sea, you said that before)

You got a pina Kodak in your pocket
(What happened to Mars
Where in ring did you hock it? Oh, yes)
Oh, not so loud
(Oh yes)

You signed your own report card last night
Now didn't you?
(Well, why don't you learn how to write
And then you'll be a real success)
Yes, yes, well, yes

Small fry, now you kissed the neighbor's daughter
(Well, I gave her a small smack but quite happy
You the one who taught her)
Oh, seems I should take you across my knee
Now you ain't the bigger cat fish in the sea

I know how to fix this boy
Is that casting all around here?
(I just slipped it in your beer)
Oh me, oh, my small fry


Gravadora: 2014 Railroad
Faixa: 8

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