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Born to Shine (feat. Run The Jewels)

Big Grams

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[Verse 1: Killer Mike]
I walk in
Ric Flair'in', long fur coat wearin'
Rolex rockin', silk shirt wearin'
Silk socks, and balls need to breathe
So bitch the draws cotton cause you gon' suck me when you leave
In a big benzo on lorenzos
With your homegirl LeQuinta who said she never did but she would try it
And as she higher than the fuckin' hired
She jet settin', Moët'n, the God blesses
Against him prospers no weapon, champaignin'
Campaignin', gator shoes high steppin'
My dopey eyes just hide behind my Dita frames
I heard this nigga say he don't like me, well he the lame

[Hook: Sarah Barthel]
It's not your fault baby
We were just here born to shine

[Verse 2: El-P]
I walk with a spot on me, my life's a sax solo
Neon sign fritz when I pass in all slo-mo
You don't give the nod, you'd rather not even know me
Cause even me existin' is killing your bitch mojo
I dance like a JoJo on blow, cut a rug to a hole
Polo undies got my nuts in a choke
I'm often stuck in smoke, the jukebox cut on
Without coins, I'm a magical bloke
I’ll barracuda you chum for the simple fact that you don’t know how to float
Another tragedy aborted, I’m a bad news bear, bae
I'm armed with a hanger of coats, you’ll get poked
Now your mom's got a new lease on life, a new hope

[Hook: Sarah Barthel]
It's not your fault baby
We were just here born to shine

[Verse 3: Big Boi]
A nigga like me just pull up, flight club, foreign or domestic
International player but also locally respected
Savannah to them pimpin', drippin' and stankin' like the deuce do
Since baby needed pampers and that Laker needed them new shoe'
Make 'em call me B.B. King because I give that bitch the blues
Now she down on bended knee because she wanna lick the jewels
And I'm slick, 'bout to run up in her smooth with this dick
Take a couple polaroids to capture the mo-mo-moment
Now she's caught up in the rapture of this mackin', where your ho went?
In the back of the Cadillac, she gaggin', ass and titties showin'
As a matter I'm 'bout to splash her with this Billy Ocean
And watch her rub it on her face, call it Johnson's baby lotion

[Hook 2: Sarah Barthel]
It's not your fault baby
We were just here born to shine
Kill Bill'n up this whole damn house and shine
Steppin' over you fuck boy clowns and shine
Hey! Like Mr. Brown and shine
I'm moonwalkin', wanna kiss myself and shine
Hugh Heffin' all your bitches out and shine

[Outro: Sarah Barthel]


Gravadora: Epic/Republic
Faixa: 6

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