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With one stroke of the pen
I tune in to your satell ite radio or fm stat ion
I've been pat iently wa iting to weigh in
Been under construction for two years
But now it's about that time I double dutch my way in
Leftfoot, rightfoot steppin over biters
It's like the game is haunted cause
There's so many ghost writers
Me see I'm a lifer with supply that may seem endless
Straight rider like a biker on a chopper with a hitlist
Witness the nigga that spit that vicious
Pitbull attack shit when it comes to this rap shit
Daddy fat sax bitch...

Follow us now
Try to all the way now
It's not another let down
Got something to say right now...

I know some of ya 'll done wrote a nigga off
Like the leases on these cars
And these homes you niggas thought you staye d in
With so many bosses why are they still
Laying niggas off they job, nigga for real
Gone give a nigga a gig then
Help a brother get up out this pig pen
But nobody want s to keep it pimpin
Or 110
So with this pen
I begin to illustrate from within, boy
Paint a pretty picture like
I'm chilling with my friends
Every body's got a pocket full of ends to spend
See picasso couldn't blend
Put it all together or fit in
I'm like a crocodile walkin'
'Round with alligator skin
Yes I'm is the product of the ghetto where I've lived
Call me sponge bob, boy
Soaked up game as a little bitty kid
And never been a lame before the fame I wa s the shit
And now I'm just big ya dig...

Follow us now
Try to all the way now
It's not another let down
Got something to say right now...

Why don't you come and find out what this is all about
I will only say this once so come and follow us...

See we not even gonna play with them either
We gone la-la lay it down every fucking time we see 'em
Make the club get crunk...yup!
We the type of people
But wa it, it's not a sequel
No wa it, it's bb's prequel
The beginning before the beginning
Spend it how you spend it
Then if you sell dope nigga sta ck it when you get it
You can't trick it
Or spend it until it's gone
That 's slippery business homes
Go get you a business loans
Come on...

Follow us now
Try to all the way now
It's not another let down
Got something to say right now...

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