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The Battle Of All Saints Road

Big Audio Dynamite

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A couple of years ago down ladbroke grove
The dreads uptight sitting on a treasure trove
A skinny white dude came in and took a chair
He had a black leather jacket and greased back hair

Well they ain`t seen nothing like it down the mangrove
Plugged his guitar into a flat iron stove
Now all the brothers they began to stare
Hillybilly cat blew `em on their derriere

It`s the booze that picks you up
And throws you against the wall
Sometimes there`s a drought
Can`t get no sense at all

Now they had the grass he had the song
The rocker and the ras began to get along
Looking around for something to bang
They all joined in and this is what they sang...

We fired our guns and the coppers kept a coming
There wasn`t quite as many as there was a while ago
We fired once more and they began a running
Over vauxhall bridge and via pimlico

Cow foot curry herbage and macheté
`57 chevy in a rondolet
Red stripe bm a game of dominoes
Zebra serenade the honky`s and negros

Well it ain`t mozart

Nowadays all quiet on the all saints road
Cops and yups come in by the truckload
A condo stands where the grass used to grow
Race attacks filofax and nobody goes

It`s the booze that picks you up
And throws you against the wall
Lost my vallet and my mind at the carnival

Seven eleven mcdonalds and ho-jo`s
Gettys` on the jetty watch the river flow
The lambeth walk`s like 42nd street
Folks i gotta tell you this town can`t be beat

Wadda dem-dem-dem.......


Gravadora: Columbia/Legacy
Faixa: 8

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