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I Must Be In Switzerland

Bellamy Brothers

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I can see the snowcapped Mountains,
but the Sun is shinnin on my Face.
The Water from the Glacier,
has ahealing feeling to its Taste.
Bells ringing on the brobw swiss Cows,
the good Lords been liberal with his Grace.

I ve been eating Sprungli Chocolate,
looking up and out upon the Land.
Looks like its been this Way forever,
or at least since time began..
It s just one stop short of Heaven,
i must be in Switzerland!

Sweet Summer Rain is falling, yea,
it makes the green Gras grow.
It sends me looking for a Lady,
a cute Swiss Miss i used to know
way up high upon the Grimsel Pass,
the Scene reveals the Master Plan.
It looks like creation unfolding,
i must be in Switzerland!

Geneva to Lugano,
Interlaken up near Thun,
there aint no Place on Gods green Earth,
or underneath his Moon.
When you see, taste and feel it,
Youll begin to understand.
As matter of fact i see the Matterhorn,
i must be in Switzerland!

Theres snow outside my Window,
Winters falling from above,
we could go skiing down the Eiger,
or cuddeleup and make sweet Love.
( Little Darling )
If youll come to my Chalet,
well make it fit just like a Glove ...

Well I didnt grow up in the Mountains,
my toes were stuck deep in the Sand.
But ive traveled this whole Planet,
playing in a Cowboy Band.
But when i see the Landscape of the Angels,
i know i must be in Switzerland! "


Gravadora: Universal Music International Ltda.
Faixa: 13

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