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The Reunion (Feat. State Property)

Beanie Sigel

ouvir : conectando
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Let's get me this platform
And watch her do it like me prosper
No I'm talking, remi Oscars
Bear witness of your black raps
Sucker, can't beat us, join us
Hear me access, and I produce my assets
Point blank period
Oh it ain't over, just had to clear my throat
Ah, and here I go

But they sent me back, mr Johnson was left there
Sitting on my step with a napoleon syndrome now
Roll the stones, and your main sex symbol
Here comes the state here I go, hit them mac
Yes, I got you zoo,
Just let me find my bounce on this joint
Let me find my bounce

Ah, y'all begins is
They ain't throwing it on chris jeans and butt nuts
I get the chocolate tape or I touch it up
Carnation on my lapelle
Pocket square, botower
That's it in the court room
And he got angel, whacked in the shower
Pour 2 ounces, I'm back with the sour
Money and respect, then comes the power
I still listen to the lots
The rest of y'all could eat
Face a few other I fuck with
The rest of y'all whack, rats and

You can make it if you try
You can make it if you try
Yeah, yeah, that's how we do it
Start tap dancing on these

Asp click, white t chris
Spike lee kick with a nice sweet, sweet
Drop miles and Philippines to the whip
Lv's and double g's on my fit
Plenty y'all, you fuck with us
We mash out like mop
And he up, kidnap that fool
And he up, chris shot that fool
Simple Sigel, philly freezer, warrup

Spilling pink drink on me make my mic stink
Pull that thing, thing, sipping down my jean scene
Chain gang in your system like spitting on these lame brings
Get out the lane lil main before this thing bang
I grew up small time, dope game, cocaine
Pop a mac on the block I make it go ring
Drop it back and then get rid of the whole thing
Chain game, wasn't do it a thing
We be bubbig out Dublin, Englad,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Greenland
Talk about the just a freezer, get your cheese up

You can make it if you try
You can make it if you try
You can make it if you try
You can make it if you try

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