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Man's World

Beanie Sigel

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[Sigel] It's a man's world
This is a man's world! -> [James Brown]
[Sigel] Bitch, uhh
This is a man's world! -> [James Brown]
[Sigel] Man's world prick, yeah
This is a man's world! -> [James Brown]
[Sigel] Man's world - all y'all little kids out there
[Sigel] run around with y'all little gats, man
This is a man's world! -> [James Brown]
[Sigel] Man's world - go to summer school nigga, get your G.E.D.

[Beanie Sigel]
Yeah, this a man's world pricks, no broads allowed
All my niggaz with that raw allowed
All my niggaz with they fours allowed
who won't hesitate to bang a nigga - right in between they brows
Let's roll, fuck them bitch-ass niggaz, wearin thongs and skirts
Tryin to catch 'em while they goin to work
Hit them niggaz on they job at they lunch break, make the pump quick
Leave 'em ump-slayed when the fuckin pump spray
I roll with a sick all-out squad
Ten deep, let's roll-out squad
Bring heat when it's cold outside
Mack stick to script and stick to street
Stick in clip and flip your Jeep
Got extended shit and different heat
Mack M-1 double now [bluk, bluk, bluk]
I'm knockin feathers out your bubble-down
Stop the blood claat cryin
Blood claats from the iron, you're dyin, no lyin

[Chorus: Beanie Sigel]
This a man world nigga, sit down you girl niggaz
This is a man's world! -> [James Brown]
Man, this a man world nigga, sit down you girl niggaz
This is a man's world! -> [James Brown]
This a man world nigga, man.. man..
This is a man's world! -> [James Brown]
This a man world nigga, FUCK what people think

[Beanie Sigel]
This a man's world bitch, all you whores bow down
It's B. Sig., I pimp like TA-DOW - peep game
I sling meth in vials, hit your kitchen cook your pies up
Bring the coke back in piles, I'm that (?) ..
.. oh yeah I almost forgot
Bitch, get a foot up your ass
if you don't get your foot on that ave and start lookin for cash
Just get mine right, your money like, don't make me come out there
I smacked you whore and get you done right there
Leave this imprint 'cross your forehead, from the moray
Bitch know my forte, I'm not for-play
Hit your block, let the glock four-play
Finger fuckin a trigger is not fore-play
One more time - I'm not for-play
It's a man's world - how it's supposed to go
Only the soldiers roll, you young like (?) though
I move like Sonny, but never backwards
Weave in and out of traffic, holdin that package
Weight don't get moved, it get pressed off the bench
Move through an alley and a hole in the fence
I see when you move you tense
It's a man's world nigga, sit down you girl niggaz
It's a man's world kiko, they shoulda told you from the get-go
that you fuckin with them South Philly sickos
Think it's all raps 'til them gats start to hit you
Black talons cripple, Operation Lockdown the town with them nickels
Dopeman, dopeman!
But peep it, I ain't goin to court
I bang people that be goin to court
And know people I ain't goin for shorts
Bring straight money, cake money
That tan coat, razor blade, straw plate money
That grab coke, never weigh to pay for it money
Grab toast laser hater break for it money
Shit, you think you fast? Run nigga, dumb nigga
Don't get your skin grafted up, chin tacked up
Fuck around, and get your men racked up
Whatchu think all the gats is for, you can't last a war
It's a man's world nigga, sit down you girl niggaz


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