Barry Manilow

Avenue C

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N.Y I dig
What About it?
N.Y is big
People tout it
I filp my wig
What about?
'Bout a street I dig

One day I was walkin' 'n' finally came upon a series of Alphabet streets.
A-B-C and D.But I went for "C" It's really and truly the dilly of all M'Petstreet

Hey hey hey everybody now
Come go walkin' with me now
Walk up Avenue C, now
Chicks all lookin' so pretty
They don't give me no pity
Avenue C is the grooviest in the city

I never dug an avenue more enjoyable to me
"C" Avenue is groovy.Yes, it was groovy as it could be
Walk with me down Avenue C
Man I really hope to stay
Come on baby, while we ramble,walk beside me while we ramble
You dig it too I feel you do, what a scenic hike,it's a walk that you're bound to like.
you got "a" on the one side "b" on the other "C" in the middle

The reason that you're feelin so down,babe,is 'cause you live in Stuyvesant Town,babe,I dug you down in the Hamilton fish,babe, and realized that you were my dish,babe,walkin' home and you can walk with me.Walkin' hand in hand up Avenue C.Oh babe, and while we're walkin' we can do some talkin' while the people dig us wonderin' what we're puttin' down.While we,happy as can be,glide on,takin' life in stride up to Murphy Park there beside the river.

Well our feet got the rhythm
Pure pedal syncopation
'N when we walk with 'em
Demandin' admiration
Well our step is snappy
Dig people step aside now
Because we're so happy
We're takin' life in stride now
Avenue C your vibrations are followin' me.Oh yes
Yes yes
Me and babe steadily cookin' Brass:Yes yes
Start at one end talkin' and movin'
Yes yes
To the other wiggin' and groovin'
So come
You should
And view
I would
This Ave-
You could
It's good
Walk on
"C" Avenue,see it my way
Talk on
No better view on the highway
Big town you don't know 'til you see it
Walk on
I never saw such a wonderful sight
You're gonna love it
I'm hip - you'll flip
When you dig it you'll stop and linger
You'll pop your top
What a pleasure and what a swinger
Go dig it cop that view it's bound to thrill you
Go dig it cop that view it's bound to thrill you
Go dig it cop that view it's bound to thrill you
Go dig it cop that view it's bound to thrill you

Barry Manilow II
Gravadora: Arista/Legacy
Faixa: 7

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