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The Way Things Used To Be

Badly Drawn Boy

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The way things used to be, well not anymore
Close your eyes, open up your door
Well I’m not tired, I’m coming alive
But you make up on, let’s go out tonight

These things don’t matter now
We can leave it all behind
That’s all depending on
If you’re free to free your mind

The crucifix still hung up by the door
But Jesus doesn’t come here anymore
Those memories still hanging on the wall
But people there don’t look like us at all

Don’t need reminding of
The way things used to be

I rise you to the top
Then we walk back down again
Look to the future now
Where you’re going, where you’ve been

The universe is smaller than you think
So many years spent blind and then you blink
I promise you we're in to suffering
If you could be my queen, I’ll be your king

Don’t need reminding of
The way things used to be

Take this chance to rest your tired eyes
Come with me, we’ll move to better skies
If where we go don’t make a difference
Just turn around and we’ll come back again

Don’t need reminding of
The way things used to be

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Gravadora: Parlophone UK
Faixa: 8

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