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Fresh we goin back home on this one right here ya heard me
See the ladies was buckin from left to right
And the dudes was thuggin from side to side
It was a bum, bum bum, bum, bum bum snap
And a ickeh ickeh fresh and i added a clap
1, 2 baby boy test the mic
And get the party jumpin for the rest of the night

Homie I'm so fresh and I'm so clean
My wrist on bling with a fresh so lean
Hundred dolla jeans with a grill on bean
With a bundle in my jeans and its real homie
Nawmeen ay ay nawmeen [x4]

[Verse 1:]
I step up in the club lookin freshin than them other
Ice so bright make ya eyes stevie wonder
Way down under at the bottom of the boot
I just gotta keep it real I just gotta speak
the truth (speak the truth)
I'll floss on you bitchez doin 90 on the free
gettin lost on you bitchez
If you less than 500 ima boss on you bitchez
Hustle hustle real hard rick ross on you bitchez
If ya carrots aint high I dont wanna see ya jewelry
Cuz my shit shinny and ya'll be all blurry
I had to get up on ya I had to do my thing
Cuz I's so fresh and I's so clean


[Verse 2:]
I'm back up in the spot, cleaner than a whistle
Count my diamonds on my neck homeboy not no
Nigga im the shit better pass me the tissue
Red monkeys on my ass baby boy its official (its official)
I'll rock on you bitchez and my sickas dont stop
Ima watch on you bitchez
Big rims big truck gon' go knock on you bitchez
It's goin down right now yung joc on you bitchez
If you aint countin stacks you aint fly like me
If you aint roll in the deck you cant ride with
Niggaz spit to spare clean neva eva trifflin
Holla at my nigga soul cuz the nigga on bling


[Verse 3:]
Walkin everywhere dustin off myself
Time to flawn on you bitchez time to show my wealth
Got a loft that I bought got a condo in new york
Spendin boo cool money but i gotta play it smart (play it smart)
I'm high maintain on you bitchez in a different
kind of whip switchin lanes on you bitchez
And I know you niggaz hear I do my thang on you
I like my beat down low like the king on you
If ya cars dont cost about 80, 90 thousand
Cuz my whips cost more than some of ya'll houses
I got my grill and high bean with a fresh white
tee and I'm still so fresh, nawmeen?


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