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Andy Mineo


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Never bored [x7]


Never bored
But I got a board
That I put it on fours
And kicking it on smooth floors
It's what we on tours
Even riding on stages
Reds in the wheels
But I wasn't set claiming

Clicked up
We ain't trying to be famous
People don't get it
They don't know just what the aim is

Wat you gon' say
It's a man who been changed
Who know that to die is to gain!

Yeah! You know what it's like
You know what it's like
Getting ready for the moment
Getting ready for the night but he be getting ready for that moment
Where my faith will be sight

What's the point of getting fly
You ain't ready for the flight
From the sight from the one I follow
Dudes find bravado from the bottom of the bottle

Until they got the face twisted up like Picasso there's another way to live
You ain't got to somebody tell em!


Say ayo! [Background]

Come and kick it with the team
The party's over here
Let me show you what I mean
We saying

SAY AYO! [Background]

On on that one sixteen
Homie come get it right
Show you what the clique like

Kobe told me bout the matrix
Not that I'm about it
I don't bang with the same set that I used to clang
See look it I ain't famous
Some people know my name though
I just won't remain low
So that that I don't take it to the brain, brain
Catch me on the ground on a train ridin' slow
That's what I compose
On my wickedest flows
Being from New York
Or wicked at it's pros
And it's kinda it's scents builds high like it's smoking

Some are up town
It's like an expo
Like some exposed skin
Like a triple x show
Me and my dawgs flee
We don't need back go
But my flesh be itching
Get it
U starting but I'm trying to finish
Enjoying God's gifts
You know what the dish
Back in Barbados
They made us the flying fish
Even all around the world
Me and the whole bridge
Unashamed everywhere
They holla 1 1 6!


Heroes for Sale
Gravadora: Reach Records
Faixa: 3

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