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Girlfriend (Clean Album Version)


ouvir : conectando
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Uh, yeah
It's like....I don't know what to do
I mean, what should I do?
Uh, yeah, yeah yeah

See I've got lil secret
But I don't think I could keep it
Now when you first stepped to me
Didn't think you wanted to do me
Started taking me to dinner and the movies
Had me open off the minks and jewelry
Buying me things that you know I wanted
Begging me for loving and you know I fronted
Now we doing more then getting blunted
And we both know we shouldn't of done it
Because wifey at home and that's a no, no
How we gonna keep this on the low, low?
Try to let got but the tricking won't stop
Feels so good baby please don't stop
I'm not trying to disrespect her
But everybody know what's up except her

See I'm gone tell your girlfriend
That you been doing more than flirting
Where you at when you say you working
Yeah I'm gone tell your girlfriend

I know I'm not the only one claming you
Your girl did a good job training you
She could feed the kids and wash the clothes
She could cook dinner and mop the floors
Just keep giving me a lot of doe
And give me some loving before you gotta go
Once you get home your girl be beefin'
Wondering where you was this weekend
Her cousin told her that she seen us creepin'
I guess by now she know you cheatin'
She must of found my number cause she calling me
Couldn't talk cause her man was all in me
Told her call me back at a quarter to three
Now that's the way real players ought to be
Shall I tell her bout the S he ordered me
So hy you fuckin' with him?
Cause he can afford me


It was the money that made me get with you
But right now I'm trying to get rid of you
Cause you always at my house like I live with you
Wanna lock me down like I got kids with you
See I knew from the gate that you was taken
If I told you that I loved you, I was only faken
Shit it ain't like that I wanna keep you
But I'll beep you when I need you
Now who getting played better you than me
Cause I know you could never be true to me
If you did it to her you could do it to me
Start slippin' and you might be losing me
Fuck getting hair done and a manicure
That's for beginner bitches and amateurs
I want a house on the beach, couple whips and more
Motherfucker mow you know what Major Coins stand for

Chorus: 2xs

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