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Ghetto Symphony (Feat. Gunplay & a$AP Ferg)

A$AP Rocky

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[Hook: Imogen Heap]
Do just what I tell you
Don't come in any closer
And no one will get hurt
Cause I don't know how long I can hold my heart in two

[Verse 1: A$AP Rocky]
A rebel I be one day, on that track with Gunplay
Outcast my whole life so I decide to spit like Andre
Beef is on my entree, gin and juice that's Bombay
Driving fast the wrong way, I swear life is like a one-way
Pussy on a Sunday, business on a Monday
My new crib came with feng shui and my closet is like a runway
Come be my fiancee, she fuck me in a Hyundai
My rooftop got a lounge, just a sit around and watch her sunbathe
Dinner date for one K, shopping date for two K
Bougie-ass bitch made wait to fuck for two days
Finally got it today, swear to god my mood changed
Top off like toupees, drop off, touche
Yeah, my mouth is full of gold and I'm a city boy
And my outfit was in Vogue, I'm a pretty boy
Bounce, boy, Flacko tell 'em holla at a nigga, G
Riding on my enemies, this my Ghetto Symphony

[Hook: Imogen Heap]

[Verse 2: Gunplay]
Whipping whitney, my mama as a witness
Bitches lickin' and locking up my swishas
Once she blow my whistle, she know it's dismissal
Spread the news I'm official, now hop out my foreign vessel
Before I get aggressive forget it, war ready
Already tested, tears and blood invested
'til my cardiacs arrested and my 40 ounces is empty
Show me what you owe me and a porterhouse with that
Black magic on the tires only I
Rolling down a lonely mile, phony smile
Warrants, police on me now, still touring
And my chain it may slow me down cheer for
Pain, in its purest form
Don't complain I came to reign from here forward, still noid
So crib got clear doors
Burning planes in my Air Force and all I can see is clear ports

[Hook: Imogen Heap]

[Verse 3: ASAP Ferg]
Since Rocky spit like André, I'm gonna kill 'em like Big Boi
These rappers is on my entrée, eat 'em like cookies, Chips Ahoy
Eat enjoy, when I get annoyed, know a couple niggas that'll kill for joy
Either Gunplay, runway, trip avoid, body get found by a lil' fishin' boy
Arnold Schwarzenigga, toss a nigga
Like codeine mixed with a roid
Slow punch make a nigga chin collide
Thats for talkin' how fast you could grip a nine
Damn, look how the hollow tip hit his spine
Little motherfuckers that commit the crime
These niggas got the sidewalk sipping wine
Guess that’s why the ground sip the wine
Pourin liq so I soak in lift and shine
Tip tipped and toe I miss the sky
My soul gets cold when my niggas died
So and so, niggas live and die
Beneath shoe soles you will reside
Rappers get a mil' for these freakin' lies
Sign a couple deals for these freakin' lies
How many times in your eyes has a nigga died? Never!
Spittin' it like a Beretta, nobody do it better nigga

compositores: Richard Morales, Rakim Mayers, Darold Durard Brown, Imogen Heap, Peter Chill, Tivon Key, Allan Sigsworth, IMOGEN JENNIFER HEAP, GUY SIGSWORTH, RODNEY RICHARD

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