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Let It Bang (feat. ScHoolboy Q)

A$AP Ferg

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Grandma hid that hammer in her mattress from my uncle
He would listen to Wu-Tang fore walking in the jungle
Army... jacket, kitchen knife, hope he don't cut you
With a deuce-deuce up in his boot in case he getting tussles

[Chorus - A$AP Ferg:]
And he will
Let it bang
And he will
Let it bang
Let it bang
Let it bang
And he will
Let it bang
Let it bang
Let it bang

[Verse 1 - A$AP Ferg:]
Life will work out
How he turned out
Granddaddy tried to help him but he burnt out
He screamed lazy
Fuck I want you
Tried to get a job
Block party where the hoochies turned out
They would dance and sweat they perm out
And they scream we got beef keef with the handle with no prob
Cologne and liquor was his odor
Fragrance, of a riding soldier
ODB was his persona, he was high on Mars
40 ounce in this some marijuana
When grandma die from pneumonia
Now his life a roller coaster, put that shit on God


[Verse 2 - ScHoolboy Q:]
Bruh, I miss my crack-Head uncle
Sold Him dope in by tHe bundles
Drop down on Him, His own gun though
Fuck about family, where's my Hundo
Fore my clip go knock, knock zero
Fake nigga talking bout Q ain't real
18 slanging that Coupe Deville
Young nigga, young nigga move that dope
Young nigga might get killed
Cause ain't paying my bills
Heat make tHe beef get grilled
12 years clutching tHat steel
Pop a nigga more than those pills
Pistol under the sheet when I sleep
Body niggas, I can do beats
I ain't talking bout my uncle, tHis me
Made another million tHis week
Swagger make a bili look cheap
I'm the reason why your momma OD'd
I'm the reason why your Homies ain't deep
Now you wanna talk about peace
Get the bitches all up off these streets
Wonder why you rubbing up feet
If you got High off what I sold
Platinum when He on shit row
Big belly bottle, I could still get trowed
Leave a nigga flat till His body get towed
Sad that the curb got closed
Leave Him with a Hole in his skull


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