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Poor Lil Rich

50 Cent

ouvir : conectando
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(Verse 1)

I let my watch talk for me
My whip talk for me
My gat talk for me, Blaw what up homie
My watch saying " Hi shorty we can be friends"
My whip saying "Quit playing bitch get in"
My ear ring saying we can hit the mall together
Shorty it's only right that we ball together
I'm in to bigger things ya'll niggaz, ya'll know me style
Yo wrist bling, bling my shit bling blaw
My pinky ring talk it say " 50 i'm Sick"
That's why these niggaz is on my dick
Some hate me some love my hits
Flex my man he gone bump my shit
See I'm a lie man I really don't care
I tell the hoes what ever they wanna hear
You try to play me I'mma blaze it in
My cross cost more than crib yo mamma raised ya in

(Chours 2x)

I was a poor nigga
Know I'm a rich nigga
Gettin paper know you can't tell me shit nigga
You can find me in tha 4 dot 6 nigga
In tha back seat fondelling yo bitch nigga

(Verse 2)

New York niggaz copy niggaz like it's all good
Fuck around we crip walking in the wrong hood
I'm fresh up out the slamma
I aint no fucking bamma
I'm from N. Y. woddie, but I know Country Grammer
See me I get it crunk
Nigga go head and front
I go out up the trunk
Come back pull out and done
My money come in lumps
My pockets got the mumps
You see me sittin on dubs that's why you mad chump
Don't make me hit you up
These shells will split you up
I lay you down, yo coroners come and get cha' up
See 50 play for keeps
See 50 stay with heat
I can't go commercial, they love me in the street
I'm real gutta' man
The hood love me man
Don't make me show up in yo crib like Bra-Man
Locked up in the pin I still do my thang
C.0.'s screamin " Shut the fuck up in the pin"

(Chours 2x)

I'm in the benz on monday
The B M on Tuesday
Range on Wednesday
Thursday i'm in tha Hooptie
Porsche on friday
I do things my way
Viper or vette I tear up the high Way
You can ask shorty about my dick game
Cause she don't know me she only know me nick name
Left the hood and came back damn shit changed
These young boys they done got they own words man



Gravadora: Shady Records
Faixa: 13

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