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I'm Supposed To Die Tonight

50 Cent

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All thru the hood i keep hearing nigga's saying
I'm suppose to die tonight
Nigga's done put a hit out and they talkin like shit is okay
I'm down to ride tonight
Whip rollin, Whip stolen, Ak loadin
I'm down to ride tonight
We smokin, straight lokin, lock and loaded
Somebody gon'a die tonight

This is nothing new i been in this position before
Grandma crib Niggas outside of her door
Different day same shit old mack new clip
32 hollow tips gloves no rubber grip
I'm a boss but nigga's never show no respect
I catch em slippin i have em tongue kissin my tech-
One come test me pussy boy dont try it
Police response never fast enougn the shots fired
Dont be stupid find out who you fuckin wit son
Before we find out where your bitch get her hair and nails done

It's elementary.... life is but a dream
You know row row your boat your blood forms a stream
After you get hit you should'a thought about the shit
You took that paper you take a life or your life get took bitch

Sometimes i sit and look at life from a different angle
dont know if i'm god's child or satans angel

Repeat chorus

In 2002 if you ask me to make a wish
I simply would'a wished that my music would a be hit
Big said damn nigga's wanna stick me for my paper
then pray for my downfall i understand it all
But me i'm a little more flashy a nigga
So chances are i'm gonna have to blast me a nigga
I'm on that keflon vest shit that wild wild west shit
If 81 want karats stones in my necklace
I shine so so hard i make motherfuckers wanna kill me
Every projects, every hood i go they feel me
I know it sounds like rap but this shit is real b
I dont talk that rich shit but nigga i'm filthy
When i come out to play and my mob aint wit me
You can bet your bottom dollar that revolver wit me
Homeboy frontin on me will short your life span
Hold the mic with my left my knife in my right hand (YEA)

Repeat chorus


Gravadora: Aftermath/Shady
Faixa: 4

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