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From Chaos

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From chaos comes clarity, I tell ya
What you appear to be, you ought to know
Glycerin tears don't fool me, I tell ya
Delusions plaguing everybody

Makin that hybrid music back in '90 now it's on ya
I hear we were the model for the band you front we spawned ya
Finding it hard to come original we warned ya
We're shakin the white boys in New York, black girls inCalifornia
We come through hip-hop drum-n-bass and dancehall rhythms
You want our beats and lyrics you want to get them
Watchin you sink into the depths of opportunism
Missing the point, music's about love not pessimism
I'm SA moving supreme and on my team
I rock the mic with a sweet lean
And you know that started as a fact the only DJ MC gettin downlike that
Metaphorically we are the chief of police you're rock n' roll
And we're positive you stole more than just the radio
Now it's 21 and we are back in control
The jammies are coming, people succumbing cuz we got the soul

Everyone tends to forget upon re-entry
Orbiting space quantum saints we're the only
Beginning from a planet so naturally
Gifted in the heart lies our technology
It's only right, right
Entering in a space of pure delight, light
Next contestant on this jam is, tight
Feels spontaneous you'll improvise, vise


Don't even try it, you don't want to disrespect me
If dealing with punks was school, I'd have a Harvard degree
You can't make me hate you no matter how punk you act
No matter what you do I don't react
I'm a perfect example of not giving a f--k
About the catty rude people that just suck
What do you know all of the sudden, ah I usurp you
Look it up in the dictionary to find out what I do
I go back to the style I came from
It's not something you can fake son
You're a con man who's run is done
You lead a world wide web of deception


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