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Dopefiend's Diner


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Artista: 2Pac
Álbum: The Best Of 2pac - Part.II Life
Música: Dopefiend's Diner

[Verso 1]
Late night coolin' with my homies drinkin' Hennessey and cold brew
after smokin', stopped in Oakland got the munchies for some soul food
so we stopped to get a bite to eat at the local bar-b-q
It's just another boring Monday and theres nothing else to do
now as we stepped out of the car i heard someone behind me fighting
so i turn to look and find out whats the cause of this excitement
the brother was a dope fiend and the other was a dope man
and the dope man had an AK said he'll spray and he's not jokin'
well it seems to be the dope fiend owed the dope man for his product
and he swore if he did not pay he would end up getting shot up
now i could not walk away cause i got caught up in the scene
wondering what would happen to this poor and helpless fiend
well my homie, Michael Cooley said let's go and make our order
what's the use in watchin two men stand out here fight over quarters
while i walked inside the diner and all the Dope Fiends waived to me
heard the sound of several gun shots and i ran outside to see... (What's Going On?)

Another gun shot rings (What's Going On?)
Another siren sings (What's Going On?)
Another mother cries (Yo what's Going On?)
Cause another innocent died (Yo what's Going On?)

Another gun shot rings (What's Going On?)
Another siren sings (What's Going On?)
Another mother cries (Yo what's Going On?)
Cause another innocent died

[Verso 2]
all the people in the diner ran outside to see the big show
it was just another party for them to see just who they would know
but for me a held concern i wanted to see the outcome
would the mother see her son tonight or would she live her live without one
i made it to the streets i almost cried right on the spot
not only had the fiend died but a small girl had been shot
my heart could not take no more i felt a tear roll down my face
that was daddy's bullet but she took it in his place


[Verso 3]
tried to make my way to the crowd so i could go help the baby
she could barely speak but she was (?) mister could you please save me
so i screamed out someone help me but i dont think they could hear
and if they did they didnt care oh how i hated everyone there
the baby lied here dying and i wondered what could i do
the camera men and newspapers had come to get their entidies
to them its just a story and they cant see the tradgety
to them it doesn't matter cause it aint it wasnt their family
i dont think ill be back cause itll never be the same here
so i wipe away the tears and leave the scene the way i came here
those people say its crazy and the poor could have been finer
ill never forget the night at dopefiends diner


do, do, do, do, do, do, do, etc.

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