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The Cabin


ouvir : conectando
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Come with me, girl
I wanna take you to a place
Where it’s just you and me..
To my cabin

Let me take you to my favorite place
Just a five hour drive from the city
Just follow the road until it stops
And then keep walking for another forty minutes
Then – out of nowhere..
There it is
My cabin!
Right now it’s icy cold
But in sixteen hours, it’s gonna be hot!
Mmm, I’m gonna make you dinner, baby
I hope you like..
Then we do the dishes manually
With over fifteen different kinds of cutlery
Sixty square meters of heaven on earth
A tiny wooden paradise
It’s my own private pinewood Taj Mahal
Except for the shape and the size
The cabin!
Where I come to relax
The cabin!
Wear the same pants for a week
The cabin!
I’ve got skis on my walls
In my cabin..

One day this place will be mine
Only split it with my brother, sister, father, uncle and his lover!
And if you like to piss outside..
This is definitely the place for you
‘Cause I’ve been pissin’ over here
And pissin’ over there
One time I even pissed over here!
But you should never ever shit outside
We have a small, separate cabin
For that kind of stuff!
We can hang stuff on the wall together
As long as it’s copper
Or dead animals
And who’s that man on the wall?
DAD? Is that you?
Who put my dad inside the wall?
Don’t you worry
I’m gonna get you out of here!
It’s a picture!

Sixty square meters of heaven on earth
A tiny wooden paradise
It’s my paradise
My own private pinewood Taj Mahal
Except for the shape and the size
It has a shape, it has a size
You should really come here some time
Come on, we’ve been married for ten years
Mmm..I miss you so much
And I don’t understand it
Now why don’t you come to my cabin!
We can play some chinachess
And take a long cold shower together!
I got forty nine cards ready to be played with
And a joker from another deck!
Impossible to spot!
We can just walk and walk and walk and walk and walk
You know there’s no such thing as bad weather
Only bed kleather
When you come up to my ca-a-a-bi-i-i-i-n..
My cabin.

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