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Enemies (Explicit Version)


ouvir : conectando
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Yeah!!! aowwww, aowwww!

[chorus: repeat 2x]
Sometimes i'm my own worst enemy
With friends like y'all, the fuck needs enemies?
I beat, i stab, i kill my enemies
Refuse to let you waste my energy

I heard they callin me a immigrant; well this motherfuckin
Came to yo' city and started runnin shit
X is like the government, taxin that ass
Been harassed to the point that i'm ready to blast
And spend the rest of my life behind metal and glass
Never seen a nigga move so fast, cut you in half
Sick of all these threats, these bitches with no action
Hog-tie, watch you die and start laughin
And no longer will i sit back and let you disrespect the fact
That we elevated west coast rap
And bring shit back to the point "x" is all that they
Checkin for
In the clubs, the streets, the shows and the record stores
What more can you ask for, eat your heart out
Fall out with bitch niggaz constantly callin my name out
I'm really not givin a fuck, you're pressin your luck
I'm a walkin warhead ready to self-destruct, so what?!


My name feel like a slap in the face
My name feel like a gat in yo' waist
My name is all over the place
Erasin all misconceptions
I live my whole life with aggression bitch;
And i'm not stressin
Your words ain't workin i feel so much pressure
Padlock, chain around, neck no lesser
Sick of niggaz runnin they mouth
It don't take much to get knocked out, round these parts when i
Shit full clips get emptied, revenge we
Move like the secret service, i ain't nervous
I just wanna tell the truth.. the whole truth
When i'm on the stand explainin how i had to shoot
Absolute domination, extreme mutilation
No hesitation, i'm a movin violation
So don't get hit in the street
Used to have friends and family, now i got nothin but beef
What the fuck?!?!


So-and-so hate me, blah-blah gon' get me
If i gotta go, y'all niggaz comin wit me
I'ma walk like a soldier, talk like a soldier
Cinderblock stock, shootin straight from the shoulder
Just too much shit in the air
Burn bridges you could never repair
I slap box with a bear
I can speak from experience, you speak from ignorance
I remove you, have your whole family feelin it
Y'all hate the fact that x-man got hustle
"man vs machine," mind vs. muscle
I drop concoctions, you leave me no options
Have your bitch screamin out, "somebody stop him!!"
No more mr. nice guy, i'm a tyrant
L.a.'s finest, open bar behind us
Don't look hard, it ain't too hard to find us
From here to infinity, fuck my enemies!

[chorus] - repeat 2x


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