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Chains, Whips & Bars


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[Verse 1]
How we go from "Who's that?" to "That's who!"?
Gave the game life when it had less sole than flat shoes
Heart of a king, blood of a slave, a hundred chains
Sixteen bars that prison guards could not contain
We put on ice as soon as we get hot
And carry heavy metal just in case we slip, not
These kids rock like we Kid Rocks of hip hop
And if you hope that it stops then kick rocks in flip flops
CD's fill bins like Regis, but we still treated like animals
Right? No PETA
Maybe 'cuz we shine like a Las Vegas ?
Cuz we all pack heaters. They in drive, two seaters
Hittin' one city but I rent two cars
Damn Big, did we take it too far?
This is Ozymandius' chain going too hard
We are slaves to our vain man, look at the scars
But I got...

Chains, whips, bars, see?
So tell me why I feel so free
So tell me why I feel so free
So tell me why I feel so free

[Verse 2]
It's hard to quit the bull, they be on some Jordan shit
Cuz when really do it, you don't choose it, you were born to do
So I choose for my fam' and you, Florida shit
And I'mma kill a nigga on some Dexter Morgan shit
I promise momma that college wasn't just for the kid
Cuz I master the trophies you don't box up in storages
Nobody ever sang my praises, amazing
Now I'm hopping up on stages where they all singing my choruses
Chains, bars and whips. Y'all ball cuz no umpire would ever call THEM hits
That y'all spit out y'all lips
I spit out my soul, you just spit out your spit
I'm going for the globe at the end of my wrist
North Pole on my twelve, South Pole on my six
Vizzy on tock, bad bitch on tick and it just won't stop
If you don't know that boy sick cuz he's got


While everybody struggles to be so free
I can't take these chains off me
I can't take these chains off me
I can't take these chains off me


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